Thursday, June 30, 2011

x_SegaCD_x Project Part 2

  So if you read up the other day, you saw that I came into temporary possession of a couple Old School Sega Genesis as well as a couple Old School SegaCDs to go with them. I broke them down, cleaned them up the best I could and inspected the parts to see if "theoretically" they would still run. However, they still needed some testing, and this is where part 2 comes in: testing...
  Testing these beasts would be no easy task, not because they are hard to plug in, but because I would have to hunt down cords. Keep in mind that when they were found, it was just the systems. No cords, no controllers, nothing else that may aid in bringing them back to life. That being said, it's a good thing I'm a pack rat from time to time. I indeed found a controller, a TV hookup and DC adapter for the Seags themselves (thank you Curlin) and I also had a universal adapter and a A/V cord lying about that I could use to test. Excellent!
  System one (the one with the extender) seemed to work just fine. The system powered on and showed the SegaCD welcome screen. That's always a good thing. I plopped a cd in, put a controller in and! ... ! ... ! ... ... .. nothing. I wasn't too excited, however, I figured it was because I was trying to use a burnt cd to test. So I tried another cd. This one...worked, kinda. It skipped all over the place. Almost made me think the cd motor wasn't spinning fast enough (or too fast) for the cd to operate correctly. So I went ahead and broke everything down before realizing I haven't tested the actual Sega Genesis yet. DOH! So I took the Sega Genesis off of the SegaCD and tested it with the game that was found (I think, Ms. PacMan) and sure enough, it worked. Excellent. I had to fight with the RF Unit. I think there is a short somewhere in it, I'm not 100% sure, but I fought with it long enough to see that it was indeed working. SWEET! On to system numero dos...
  After the few mistakes I made on the first one, this one was a little bit easier to test. The cd seemed to work just fine, at first. At some point it did start getting faster and skipping. I'd like to attribute that to the fact that it's sitting on top of the XBOX 360 currently, but I can't be 100% sure on that either. However, the game worked as well (2 working Sega Genesis systems, alright) and the cd continued to play while I was playing Ms. PacMan. Excellent.
  So where to now? I need to do a little research to see if this cd skipping was a general problem given the SegaCDs. If it was, there is probably an easy solution on how to fix it. I also need to test it with an actual SegaCD game. That will be the tell all as to whether it really does work or not. That will also be the best troubleshooting opportunity. Stay tuned while I get these beasts up and running, and back as good as new!

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