Tuesday, June 28, 2011

x_SegaCD_x Project

  SegaCD  A couple months ago I got a phone call from a friend saying that he had acquired a couple SegaCDs, with the older style Sega Genesis in each one. However, he wasn't entirely certain if they worked or not. Well, I finally got around to getting hold of them last Tuesday. Today, I finally got around to taking a good look at them. That was while #TheVoice was on. I was extremely excited to get in there and start taking a look at what was going on, and a little surprised at what I found.
SegaCD  It took me a minute to get the first one open. It wasn't because I couldn't figure out where the screws where, or the best way to get in it (side note on these older systems, they all pretty much use the exact same screw, which makes working on them extremely easy), but the culprit was: Deep Screw Holes. Yep, I had to search the house, and be find some ingenuity just to be able to reach the screws. With that done, it was time to let into it :)
  Keep in mind that I had two of them to get into. The first one, albeit much cleaner than the second, had a massive amount grass (that's my guess) as well as a bee. I broke it all the way down, removing every screw and every piece, trying to clean and inspect. Keep in mind that I have NO cords that I know of, so I can't test the SegaCD itself. Board inspection didn't show anything wrong with it however, with the exception that maybe the onboard battery is showing wear. I'm not completely certain, however. I pieced everything back together, took some pictures in between, and then started work on the second one!
  SegaCD  The second one was much cleaner as far as the grass is concerned (some still fell out) but seemed to be much worse in a rust department. I did my best to clean it up with a dry paper towel and did a pretty close inspection of the boards. Once again, nothing seemed to be extremely noticeable except some wear where the onboard battery is (two for two? Shame Shame Sega) but it could be normal wear given how it's been handled. I can't speak on how they have been handled before @PittsLawMan got a hold of them.
  So this is where you come in handy, people of my life. I'm actually looking for DC adapters for this. Apparently they are only supposed to use 1602 DC 9V 1.2A Sega Approved adapters. I'm still gonna see if I have a universal one that will work though. Additionally, I can test to see if it plays cds, but I still need to see if it will play an actual game. So if anyone has one they would be willing to let me borrow, or can point me in the right direction of a store that has them relatively cheap (please, avoid the Vault. I like being tetanus free) please let me know! And as always, if you have something you want fixed, and you don't mind me taking a look at it, feel free to hit me up x86computing@gmail.com

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